Overcome the Cannabis Stigma

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Unite with consumers to end the stigma: How savvy cannabis education in dispensary marketing can incite change

End the Stigma. Overcome the Misinformation. Change the Narrative. All of these push for one thing: respect cannabis for its proven medicinal, wellness and recreational benefits. Your patients and customers may be very new to cannabis. Which means their environment may not be as accepting of the plant. That can be quite isolating despite the relief or euphoria it provides. Here’s how cutting off their rumination with video marketing can make them invest long-term in your dispensary.

Arm your patrons in the fight against lingering reefer madness

When your patrons aren’t hiding their cannabis consumption or arguing with some alarmist in their lives, they know they can find solace and understanding in your dispensary. Community is empowering. And while they’re visiting your dispensary, they’ll get armed with confidence thanks to this education opportunity. They’ll see themselves for what they are: people seeking an improved experience with the help of your products. Learning from content about overcoming the stigma will show that you understand them and care about them. And when customers feel comfortable with you, trust that they will frequent your dispensary and relish the opportunity to get more information each visit. You’re helping them talk about their personal journeys with cannabis to those strongly opposed to legalization. Feeling their pain acknowledged can convert them into loyal, long-term buyers. Educating them is a gateway to their hearts. And never forget the old marketer truth: people buy with emotion, then justify it with logic. So let’s build the relationship that counts.


Add video content to your cannabis education dispensary marketing plan today

The stigma lingers in your marketing options, so choose video marketing to deepen your connection with your consumers. If brand activism and patient advocacy are apart of your mission statement, reach out to us today for a demo.

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