Cannabis and Coping in the Time of COVID-19

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“Normal” is being redefined every day as we continue navigating a world with COVID-19. Fortunately, cannabis has become a part of that normal, with cannabis businesses being deemed essential in most states. And, fortunately, mental health is also getting the normal treatment it’s long deserved.

Never before have cannabis or mental health received the positive, front-and-center attention they’re currently getting. This is our moment to talk about how the two can go hand-in-hand for a complementary relationship that just might offer us some peace-of-mind.

So, how can cannabis complement mental health? How can we use it to stay sane during these not-so-sane moments? Simple—by using it to calm our thoughts, to open our bodies and minds, and sometimes to be just plain silly.

Meditation and Cannabis

Meditation can play a crucial role in mental health, as it allows you to sort through your emotions, acknowledge them, and work them out. Cannabis has been used as a meditation facilitator for thousands of years. The compounds that make up cannabis and its effects—known as cannabinoids and terpenes—work together in and with your body. They interact with your dopamine and serotonin signals, increasing those chemicals in your body, and in turn, decreasing feelings of stress and anxiety.

Additionally, the psychoactive effects of cannabis can alter your sense of time, making it easier for you to stay more present and in the moment during your meditation. And who couldn’t use a little more time in the moment when the future is so unknown?

Our OG Kush vape is an ideal option for meditation because it’s relaxing, but it won’t leave you stuck in the couch. With citrus and peppery terpenes prevalent, it’s just what you need for a calm but thoughtful buzz.

Yoga and Cannabis

Yoga is an excellent exercise for both mental and physical health. Like cannabis and meditation, cannabis and yoga have a long history together. In fact, ancient yogis used to consume bhang, a drink made from cannabis flower, as part of their yoga practice.

Cannabis works well before, during, and after your yoga practice. We touched on how it helps to calm your mind and bring you in the moment, but it also acts as an anti-inflammatory in your body. This reduces pain, which can encourage you to practice longer, allow you to get deeper into your poses, and help you heal quicker after your practice. The combination of its time-altering effects with its anti-inflammatory effects might be just what you need to practice for an extended period, reach your goals, and stay calm longer.

We like to reach for Sour Diesel when practicing yoga because of its energy boost and long-lasting pain relief properties. Check out our vape option—it’ll be easier on your lungs while you’re exercising. 

Comedy and Cannabis

One of the best effects of cannabis may also be one of its most stereotypical—the giggles. But, laughter is the best medicine, isn’t it? So, embrace it! We could all use a good laugh, especially now.

Break out the ganja and turn on some Netflix. Laughing, like cannabis, releases dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is a reward to the brain, and when it’s released, it makes our brain want to continue whatever behavior gave us that pleasure in the first place. So no need to ask, Netflix, because yes, we are still watching. And giggling.

Check out our Purple Kush pre-rolls for your next Netflix sesh. They’re a perfect after-dinner treat for a euphoric, giggly evening!

Coping and Cannabis

During this pandemic, the most important thing to remember is to listen to you, your body, and your mind. If you’re feeling anxious, turning to some cannabis-infused activities like meditation, yoga, or giggly entertainment could be just the thing you need to lighten your mood and de-stress.

Of course, always remember to be safe and consume responsibly. Especially in light of the potential respiratory effects of the coronavirus, be mindful of how you consume your cannabis, and consider alternatives to smoking like vaping, tinctures, and edibles.

You can find all of those alternatives—plus flower, of course!—in store and on our website. Our dispensary is practicing all recommended safety procedures, and we’re currently offering curbside pick-up and no-contact delivery. However you choose to make cannabis a part of your quarantine coping strategy, we’ve got you covered.  

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