Cannabis + Seniors

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With the exploding number of seniors turning to cannabis for relief, dispensaries and cannabis brands are one of the main resources of education for them.

Some may have indulged in their youth and abandoned the plant when they settled down. Others may have been straight-laced and steered away from it thanks to decades of propaganda.


Get ‘Cannabis and Seniors’ Educational Videos

Either way, they’re looking to you for answers and Onward Content can help – with video content.

Thanks to Marijuana Prohibition, there are huge gaps in information about cannabis. Sure, you could complicate some seniors’ lives by sending them to the internet for answers.

Or display your own branded video content that proves you have their back on this exciting yet confusing wellness journey.

And that builds trust. And devotion to your brand.


Seniors and Cannabis: Be Their Guide

In our video, you’ll see all the key reasons to keep seniors in mind with your video content. Again, they are one of the fastest growing demographics in cannabis. And many are seeking relief they can’t find in their prescriptions, including opioids.

Seniors have the most to gain from the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

And you have the most to gain by being a trusted resource for them. You can provide our ‘cannabis and seniors’ educational videos on your website for them to constantly reference. Or you can display them in your waiting room.

Seniors who lean on cannabis for relief need information — and informed consumers are confident buyers. And Onward Content aims to help you with branded and licensed video content.

So take the first step to setting your brand apart by booking a demo today.

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