Social Justice and Equity in Cannabis

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The cannabis industry is booming at a fast and exciting rate. It’s foreseeable that prohibition will end in our lifetime. But it’s worth taking a step back to get a big picture of the market and where the pitfalls lie, like in Social Justice and Equity in Cannabis.

And the market reflects that many are falling through the cracks. Namely, people of color who continue to suffer from the infamous War on Drugs.

Video education focused on Social Justice and Equity in Cannabis is impactful on this subject if your dispensary experience values advocacy and brand activism.

Restorative Justice is a Reflection of the Cannabis Industry’s Ethics

From watching the video, you and your dispensary customers will learn the wrongs that are still happening in our community.

Black people are 3.73 times more likely to be arrested than White people for cannabis possession. And those who are rotting in prison for a plant tend to be left to fend for themselves. Even in legal states!

Incarcerated men and women need help getting out. And they need help integrating into society and building new lives. All of which requires money they don’t have.

People of Color collectively make up 1-2% of cannabis business owners. Now consider that incarcerated men and women were the entrepreneurs and hustlers of their neighborhoods. Neighborhoods typically starved of opportunity.

Isn’t the America Dream supposed to be accessible for everyone?

Is it fair that many in cannabis are thriving through our favorite green despite it being federally illegal?

Patients who value advocacy and/or just being informed need educational videos that cover the full spectrum of the industry. Warts and all.

Ultimately, education is important for inspiring action in patients and consumers.

Create a Thoughtful Dispensary Experience

Everyone deserves equal access to cannabis. Advocate via educational content. Book a demo to learn more.

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