The Difference in CBD: Hemp vs Marijuana

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As you know, there’s a perpetual CBD craze and it’s wonderful! People are constantly looking for relief in our anxiety-inducing world and nature’s given it to them.

Confusion comes into place for potential consumers because there are two species of cannabis. They need clarification on the differences between hemp-derived CBD and marijuana-derived CBD.

So here’s the breakdown on what they’ll learn about The Difference in CBD: Hemp vs Marijuana.


The Difference in CBD: Hemp vs Marijuana


What Matters About These Different Types

Naturally, your state laws affect what type of CBD you’re selling. And the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill threw a bit of a monkey wrench into things.

Ultimately the difference lies in THC content and the manner of extraction for the CBD. Hemp offers less than 0.3% THC while cannabis offers varying degrees of THC levels and CBD levels. And hemp-derived products have the option of CBD isolates, which omit THC and many other cannabinoids.

The clarification is needed for the sake of the patient’s lifestyle.

If they dislike the psychoactive effects and lack access to medical cannabis, hemp CBD is best. They reap all the benefits, especially if they buy full spectrum CBD products.

Then there are some patients who may have government positions that omit cannabis usage. Others may just have jobs that frequently drug test. Isolates that omit THC, terpenes and other cannabinoids are going to be a winner for them.

The drawback is that they lose out on the Entourage Effect. Utilizing the full plant optimizes medicinal benefits, according to research.

As for cannabis-derived CBD, consumers can get the full range of benefits with higher THC levels. So they can choose based on ratios of 10:1, 3:1, and 1:1, with CBD being present most.


Help Them Understand Their Choices

Patients and consumers will always have questions. Cannabis is a mysterious plant thanks to Prohibition standing in the way of long-term research!

Educate them while they wait with videos like this. Book a Demo for more educational video content! Informed people are empowered when they commit to buying from your store. Especially when you as a business help expand their knowledge.

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