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The Dispensary Experience

Cannabis dispensaries are becoming more streamlined and sophisticated – everything from the waiting room to the budtender interaction, your customers and patients are paying attention to their experience. We’ve collaborated with dispensaries on custom branded content that not only play on the screens, but also on tablets throughout the store that guide customers through the purchasing process.

Euflora dispensary in Aspen, Colorado.

The dispensary Euflora in Colorado has an open layout with various patron interaction points. Customers are encouraged to walk around the store and learn more about the products by watching engaging content. Here are some videos designed to educate consumers on the various effects of strains and also invite them to new cannabis experiences.



Liberty Cannabis

The Liberty Cannabis graphics package included a series of easy-to-update templates for multiple state markets that features their signature spectrum system they built to classify products by effect. We animated each wing associated with the spectrum system and included information about each product. There’s even some fun cannabis trivia!


A quick montage of other examples:



Educational Branded Content

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