Terps, trichomes, tinctures and other trees terminology may not be in the vocabulary of everyone interacting with your cannabis brand. It’s a whole new language out there in the world of cannabis and it’s your job as a marketer to not only inform your patrons on your product, but also on everything marijuana.

And it’s certainly no small feat to break down 80 years of prohibitionist propaganda while dealing with regular shutdowns of communication channels (I’m talking to you social media) coupled with restricted access to advertising opportunities. Honorable mentions also include limited marketing budgets (thanks 280E!), strict regulations and the unpredictability of cannabis market.

We all know the answer – EDUCATION. Education is marketing for dispensaries.

Educating the masses on cannabis is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can have as a cannabis business. Creating engaging content not only spreads brand awareness, but also builds a relationship of trust between you and the consumer. They look to you as a resource.

This is where you can educate them on how to responsibly consume your products and even introduce them to new cannabis experiences. Tried yoga and cannabis? What about cooking with it – or letting it accompany you on a lovely not-on-federal-land hike.

It seems simple, right? Well, kinda.

There are some things to take into consideration.

It’s assumed that you can educate everyone using the latest research and science and they will flock to the plant. There is definitely value in this information, however there is more impact elsewhere.

Ever wonder why Sanjay Guptay is everyone’s favorite cannabis advocate? It’s because he’s a compelling storyteller. We’ve seen his first special featuring Charlotte’s Web being quoted countless times because it’s effective.

Case in point: This video in the Onward Content library has some of the highest views and entire watch-throughs. It’s a 70 year-old woman who loves edibles. What’s not to love about her? Data suggests that featuring people (and especially animals) in videos make them more effective and that 70% of online consumers look at a product review before making a purchase. 

Video content is where it’s at in marketing and using it to educate can be your best bet to increase brand awareness, introduce new experiences and ultimately drive sales. Need more convincing?

Here’s some boring video stats…

…Oh wait – here’s some awesome video stats in a video! How meta – and cute.

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