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Target the Cannabis Novices with Microdosing Video Content

You’re familiar with the ins and outs of cannabis, but what about your novice cannabis patrons?

There’s an almost endless pile of information they don’t know, so by the time they get into your dispensary, they have no idea where to start. Especially if they’re wary of undesirable effects.

Help them feel less overwhelmed by showing videos about the simple dosage technique of micro-dosing.

Cannabis videos that encourage baby steps for use

Micro-dosing works for both medical cannabis patients and recreational consumers interested in wellness options. And with many dispensaries pushing high THC products without context for its uses, we’re on the fast track for stories like this.

All patrons aren’t comfortable with cannabis and can be fearful of adverse effects. So having microdosing video content like this playing in your retail space brings comfort that they’ll have positive experiences. And they’ll learn how to consume responsibly, no matter the delivery method.

This quiet, indirect encouragement means consumers feel safe asking questions to find the best products. And it also means they’ll carry a memorable lesson from your dispensary that will shape the rest of their cannabis experiences.

Use video marketing to calm your audience

Cannabis goes beyond being “high” or “stoned.” Our videos are careful with the language surrounding those effects because some patrons just want relief.

Book a demo today to see more techniques you can teach to your consumers so they can use your products safely.

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