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Cannabis Cooking Tips

There’s more to cooking with cannabis than “low and slow.” Whether you’re making edibles or you have customers asking about making edibles, you should watch this video first. Contact me if you want to use these for your own marketing...

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The Father of THC

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam and his team were not only the first to isolate THC but they also discovered anandamide and 2-AG in the process. I have more bite-sized videos on cannabis history if you’d like to use them to educate your staff and...

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What Happens When You Consume?

What happens in your body when you consume cannabis? The ECS is not as easy as ABC. Would this video be helpful to play in your dispensary waiting room? Let me know—I can get you a version to upload to your TVs or use online.

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Cannabis for Seniors

If you need help building your senior citizen clientele, watch this video. Here's another good one about the senior demographic:

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We know THCa is found in raw cannabis, but it still needs a lot of research. Curious if your newbies or your seasoned consumers are trying THCa? I’ve been surprised to hear a lot of old-time consumers are loving it. Let me know if you’d...

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What is CBD?

CBD’s been around for years, but a lot of people still don’t know what it is. (As I’m sure you know from getting the same questions about it every day.) This video answers all those questions in under 2 minutes. Let me know if you want to...

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Edibles Study

A recent study by Johns Hopkins tested participants’ cognitive function after consuming different doses of edibles. How well are edibles selling in your area? I’ve got more videos like this and am curious if your customer base could benefit...

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Sometimes less is more. Visiting a dispensary can be an overwhelming experience, especially for those completely new to cannabis. Watch to learn how to get them started with microdosing. Have your more seasoned customers been interested in...

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This video breaks down the top terps cannabis consumers want to know about. What’s the most common terp your customers ask about? If you’ve got a sec, contact me and let me know—I’m curious whether or not it’s one of them mentioned in the...

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Your team knows THC, CBD, CBN… But what about the other 140 cannabinoids? Watch video for a brief explanation of some of the ones we know about. Contact me and let me know if your budtenders could use a training refresher in general. I have...

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