Cannabis dispensary video marketing

An educated customer is a loyal customer.

Here’s your marketing challenge:

As a cannabis dispensary, you’re limited in how you can market and advertise due to the dreaded social media shutdown and lack of mainstream marketing opportunities.

Here’s a solution:

You can reach your customers while staying legally compliant by making better use of a vehicle that is already at your fingertips: the video screens in your waiting room and retail space.

Let us help you turn these passive screens into a dynamic marketing tool designed to engage, convert and grow your customer base. We will provide you with an ever-growing library of cannabis content, as well as customized promotional videos that advertise your products. Think of us as the content creator on your marketing team.

We have all heard that “content is king.”  But more importantly, content-rich marketing converts to sales.

Educational In-Store


We have an ever-growing library of cannabis video education that is accessible through multiple digital signage providers. You create unique playlists, schedule your specials and add your own content for a curated experience branded for your dispensary. Check out our Waiting Room Content »



When you subscribe to our in-store content network, we’ll also create and manage all your promotions, announcements and specials. We’re not only helping you educate your patrons, but also using the screens to drive sales. Think of us as an integral part of your marketing team.

Training Videos


How do you get the budtenders to sell your product? They have to try it, like it and understand the selling points. With high turnover, it’s expensive to constantly train new staff. A video education program can streamline this process. Hint – Most retailers are also now mandating this content in order to stay on their shelves.


How can cannabis enhance your life? Whether incorporating it into the normal routine or trying something entirely new, our content can show how consuming cannabis responsibly can introduce patients and customers to new experiences. This is how you can use content to drive sales and up-sell products.

V-Data WM

What's Hot in Pot ""


History of 420 ""


What is 710 ""

Regulation is a crucial factor in any cannabis business. Our video content can help reinforce information about local laws and regulatory issues in the retail space. In addition to helping customers understand laws, the content is also a constant reminder to the staff, helping the business stay compliant.

Cannabis is no doubt a powerful alternative treatment option with known benefits. Our content introduces patients to the science behind the plant in simple, approachable terms.  We’re always careful to cite studies when referring to any medical claims and take any advertising regulations into consideration when producing the content.

Cannabis Education

Dispensary video marketing. An educated customer is a loyal customer.