Cannabis Marketing

An educated customer is a loyal customer.

Educating consumers and patients isn’t just key to selling cannabis products and ensuring a safe, positive experience- it’s also crucial to keep them coming back and turning them into loyal patrons.

As a cannabis brand, you don’t have an all-access pass to traditional marketing opportunities. The dreaded social media account shut-down and lack of mainstream advertising are real struggles for cannabis marketers.

This is where engaging educational content can fill that void.

Educating the masses on cannabis is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can have as a cannabis business. Creating engaging content not only spreads brand awareness, but also builds a relationship of trust between you and the consumer. They look to you as a resource.

Enter Onward Content. We’ve got an extensive library of educational video content for dispensary waiting rooms, websites and social channels that all can be white-labeled. Your subscription includes your own branded video content to highlight any promotions, announcements or product information. We’re your video partner and an integral part of your marketing team.

Educational Cannabis Content


We have an ever-growing library of cannabis video education that is accessible through multiple digital signage providers. You create unique playlists, schedule your specials and add your own content for a curated experience branded for your dispensary. Check out our Waiting Room Content »



When you subscribe to our in-store content network, we’ll also create and manage all your promotions, announcements and specials. We’re not only helping you educate your patrons, but also using the screens to drive sales. Think of us as an integral part of your marketing team.


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An educated customer is a loyal customer.