Cannabis Works Best with Education

An Educated Customer is a Loyal Customer

Educating patrons and dispensary staff isn’t just key to selling cannabis products and ensuring a safe, positive experience- it’s also crucial to building a loyal customer base. As a cannabis dispensary or brand, you don’t have an all-access pass to traditional marketing opportunities thanks to strict regulations. The dreaded social media account shut-down and lack of mainstream advertising are real struggles for cannabis marketers. This is where engaging educational content can fill that void. 

We can help you promote your products effectively and compliantly. Onward Content’s turn-key video education program can be used for in-store, email, social media, text messages and training through the LearnBrands platform. You can use our white-label ready library or have us create a fully custom educational content marketing strategy for you. Cannabis consumers are out there searching for reliable information and when you give that to them, it builds trust and loyalty to your brand. 


Drive sales, cut transaction times and build brand trust and recognition by simply pushing play. 

Our available video content for dispensary digital signage can be customized to create a holistic branded environment and experience for your customers. Plus, our videos are accessible through multiple digital signage providers and are available to embed on your website and social channels.

The library includes 180+ compliant and regularly updated video assets in both horizontal and vertical formats as well as long and short lengths. Subscription also includes monthly retail marketing consultations. 

Click here to view the full library. 

IN-STORE: $200 / location / month

WEB: $100 / month, Fully White-labeled: $200 / month


Your digital signage is a valuable opportunity to educate patrons and most importably – drive sales.

Rely on our team of video creators to make the dispensary experience a memorable one with branded content. We can design, produce and manage all your custom promos and calls to actions. You’ve got a video content partner as part of your marketing team with Onward Content. 

Click the video to view a montage of the custom branded work we’ve done.

Custom Graphics: $2000 one-time fee


Want your own fully custom library of educational content? Let us help you with that as well. Educational content helps cannabis brands promote their products while staying compliant. It’s not easy navigating the landscape of cannabis advertising regulations and keeping your content educational in nature is advantageous. 

$3000 one-time set up fee (includes first 2 videos)

$750 / each video


With Onward Content’s General Education Course, you can ensure your staff understands the fundamentals of cannabis. We’ve partnered with LearnBrands to provide dispensaries with a suite of courses that cover the basics of cannabis science, products and safe consumption.

General Education Courses: $199 / month unlimited seating


Cannabis Video Education:

An educated customer is a loyal customer.

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