Cannabis Video Content

Custom-Branded Video Content Creation for Cannabis Brands and Dispensaries

Your Cannabis Marketing Strategy Needs Video.

Video is the most engaging and effective type of digital content available to you. It’s also one of the most complex and time-consuming types of content to produce. Strategy, production, and editing all require time, manpower, and experience to do effectively. Add on the cannabis industry’s specific marketing laws and regulations, and a 20-sec video for social media can quickly become a huge time suck for your marketing team.

Working with Onward Content gives your marketing team their time back. With our 8+ years of experience in the cannabis industry, we know your pain points and your subject matter. We join your marketing team on a fractional level and participate in your marketing meetings to provide strategy, direction, and all your video content.

Custom Cannabis Video Content

Leverage Video Across Your Entire Marketing Strategy

Social Media

Nearly 70% of consumers consider short-form video the most engaging content on their feeds.[1] That means it’s also one of the most effective ways to inform and persuade them. With Onward Content’s white-label-ready video library, plus our bespoke animation and video graphics creation, you can easily draw a crowd to your social pages and quickly turn them into loyal followers.


Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to cannabis because it allows brands to speak one-on-one with their customers without the interference of biased algorithms. Adding our short animations to your emails engages your audience on a deeper level than just text, encouraging them to act on your emails because they’re more present and engaged in the conversation.


Whether training your staff on workplace best practices or budtenders on your brand’s highlights and specifications, 95% of your message will be retained if it’s delivered via video (compared to 10% if it’s just text).[1] Our tailored training videos are created alongside an expert instructional designer to ensure your trainees remember the key points necessary to make your brand and/or dispensary a success.

Digital Signage

Up-sell your products, cut time customers spend with budtenders, and build brand trust and recognition with the digital signage already in your lobby and retail areas. Our videos are accessible through multiple digital signage providers and can be used to inform shoppers about store promotions, brand highlights, and plant education without you having to do anything except press play. The library consists of 250+ video assets in both vertical, horizontal, long and short form. Contact us to view all the content. 

Secure consistent content with our monthly video packages.

When you sign on for one of our monthly video packages, you not only get consistent content at a subscription price, you get an additional strategist on your marketing team. Each month, we sit down with your creatives to discuss the best plan of attack to meet that month’s marketing goals as well as your overall marketing goals. You never have to worry about what your next video will cover, when it will be done, or whether or not it’s compliant.


Julie and the Onward Content team have been an integral part of Verdes, helping us live up to our mission of providing our clients with access to education and the highest quality cannabis products on the market. By offering in store and online learning, Onward Content helps us ensure that our clients feel confident using cannabis in a way that elevates and enhances their lives.

Sarah McChesney Verdes Foundation
Sarah McChesney

Working with Onward Content for the past several months has been great. Our industry is rapidly expanding and Onward Content has been able to accommodate our growing needs. The customer service has been fast, friendly, and efficient. Our display sits in the front reception area so having content that updates regularly is a must. The monthly playlists are essential for this and work well.

Connor McCue Keystone Shops
Connor McCue

Julie has been invaluable to Lightshade in helping us customize an engaging play list for all of our stores. The play lists allow us to provide another channel of communication to our customers- educating them on our products, current promotions and available menu items as well as important cannabis education information. She has been a true partner in creating content, educating our staff on how to use the interface and brainstorming ideas for creating new and exciting educational content.

Shannon Brooks Lightshade
Shannon Brooks

Onward content is a great way to entertain and educate patients while driving sales through custom branding, featured deals and products. The production value and content are creative, fun and effective and working with Onward Content is always a pleasure. We are so happy to have Onward Content a part of the Kannavis experience.

Jordan Baker Kannavis
Jordan Baker

Strengthen your marketing strategy with customized cannabis video content.

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