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420 Promos!

This year, we've got a collection of 420-specific video content. Everything to promote your products and drive sales in horizontal and vertical formats. These are also available in evergreen...

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Cannabis Tolerance

If your customers are asking about building a tolerance or resetting their system, this video quickly explains what they need to know. Want to use this for your marketing...

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War on Drugs 2.0

Cannabis is now legal in over half of the United States. Does that mean the War on Drugs is over? Far from it. We collaborated with Cannabis Doing Good on a video that...

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History of Cannabis

It’s no secret that cannabis has had a rough go in the last 100 years. How did we go from “cannabis as medicine” to “cannabis as a demon drug” and back to “cannabis as...

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Cannabis Products

Flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals OH MY! Cannabis product information is a lot more approachable when the explanation comes with visuals. If you think...

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How Are Concentrates Made?

How does cannabis go from the plant to concentrate? Interested in other educational videos for your in-store screens or online? Reach out to learn more about how you too...

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Understanding Cannabis Ratios

Customers need to understand cannabis ratios so they understand what to expect from their products. This video covers what they should know. Like what you see? All Onward...

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Mapping the Cannabis Genome

Evolutionary Biologist Dr. Daniela Vergara spends her days unraveling the cannabis genome. Watch to learn what she knows so far. If you found this video interesting,...

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Concentrates + Temperature

This video goes over the boiling points of specific cannabinoids and terpenes so you can better dial in your dabs. Controlling your concentrates temperature gives...

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