How Budtender Product Training Drives Sales

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SKUs on SKUs on SKUs on SKUs.

How many edibles, concentrates and flower products are on the shelf and which ones are actually selling? Most likely, the budtender is the one making this recommendation to the customer which creates a unique challenge to cannabis brands. The budtenders are the gate keepers and if they haven’t tried your product, or worse, don’t like it – it’s not going to sell. Scheduling regular vendor days and in-person product training is expensive and ineffective given the high turnover in retail.

Luckily, educational training platforms are out there making it easier to train new staff on products. LearnBrands is the industry standard for learning management systems. Dispensaries and brands can use their platform to train and track all budtender education. 

Budtenders LOVE new information – they crave it – because they are the direct contact with the patron and really enjoy sharing their knowledge. I’ve seen so many budtenders’ faces light up when they get to geek out about all things cannabis. It’s also the reason they became budtenders.

But who is creating the content for you?

Uploading another PowerPoint presentation won’t be much more effective if you’re dealing with different learning styles. This is where product video education can streamline the process and make it easy to train budtenders on the selling points and effects of each product. In short, video technology is helping companies train smarter. Video training is not only more effective, but it’s also more efficient (less money spent on vendor days) and drives consistency in training materials and experiences.

If you’d like to learn more about budtender product training videos, click below.

Check out some budtender product training videos we did for Mary’s Medicinals:


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