Cannabis History: 420 & 710 Celebrations for Cannabis Culture

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It’s April and as a dispensary owner, you’re aware of the significance of 420. It’s not just a celebration for stoner culture—it’s a party for all members of the cannabis community. You’re hip to 420 and 710. But patrons represent a spectrum of generations and cannabis experience.

So here’s a history lesson to go with all the deals you’ll offer them.


How 420 Started

Legend has it that 420 started in the 1970s in Marin County, California. A group of high school pals called “The Waldos” got a fortuitous map to a secret weed grow. Our favorite numbers are said to have come from their meeting time to start the search: 4:20 PM.

They never found the grow.

But this inside joke spread when one of the Waldos ended up working with the Grateful Dead. The term permeated the Dead community and was eventually picked up by High Times.

The rest is history. And forever an exciting day on cannabis enthusiasts calendars.


710? What is it?

The time and place of 710’s origin may not be as legendary. But 710 reflects the newer generation of cannabis products: concentrates.

How? When you flip 710, you get “OIL.”

So when July 10 rolls around, it’s a celebration for dab and vape lovers galore. The intersection of advancing technology and cannabis meet to yield ever-growing popularity with concentrates.

This cannaholiday is also known as “Dab Day.” And it’s an opportunity to teach cannabis consumers and patients about the various types of 710 and even about extraction technology.


Let’s Educate on Cannabis History and Culture

Connecting patients and consumers with cannabis history and culture is all apart of strengthening our community. And education is the heart of that.

Onward Content can help with our extensive library and tailored playlists.

Want to see what this looks like for your business?

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