Do you use word-of-mouth for dispensary marketing? Use cannabis testimonials to boost results

You may know the now over spoken term “Content is King.” These days, visuals take that a step further. Especially given the emotional impact they make on viewers.

With 78% of people watching videos each week, you can be sure your patrons will lock onto the screen in your retail space.

Here’s what we can do with that level of intent engagement.


Utilize our human need for understanding and solutions

Know that this isn’t a gimmick. The cannabis testimonials in our videos feature real medical cannabis patients who were able to find relief with cannabis and have a better quality of life.

Patients similar to Mimi—a dragging list of conditions with a matching list of medications—develop courage to explore products and to talk to their friends, associates and family about considering cannabis as a solution. And since baby boomers, the industry’s harshest and most influential critics, are turning to cannabis because nothing else is working for their chronic ailments.

Sharing experiences makes our community stronger. And all it takes is learning the stories of patients like Mimi, Bridget and Shannon to get your consumers to get others started by talking about your products that help them.

Resonating visual content like this increases the impact of word-of-mouth marketing. The risk is encouraging a prospect to just try a product once.


Imprint the possibilities of change with video marketing

Use the screens in your retail space to inspire resonating conversations and to expand the positive influence of cannabis.


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