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Cannabis Science Converts: Empowering Consumers with a Dispensary Video Marketing Solution

Let’s get to it: your consumers may rely too heavily on your budtenders/patient advisors/other magical name for your wonderful retail employees.

Saying “science” can scare some folk.

But who’s scared of science when it’s easy-to-understand and part of your dispensary marketing strategy?

Onward Content video marketing solution helps you empower your patrons to buy confidently. How?

Keep those eyes going.

Optimize Your Consumers’ Time with Cannabis Video Education Marketing

Your patrons didn’t learn about the Endocannabinoid System in school (it’s not even taught in medical schools yet).

While they’re in your comfy waiting room, they’ll learn about our biochemical system that’s naturally linked to cannabis.

You know that’s way better than checking their phones to looking for better deals after they leave your dispensary. Especially when you can use our help to display your superior, fitting deals.

Circling back, understanding the science of cannabis reinforces what your retail employees have been teaching them.

And it pushes them beyond everyone’s obsession with THC and CBD.  They’ll learn of terpenes and the few cannabinoids of 100’s that researchers studied so far.

That’s vital — they’ll grasp what exactly may be creating the positive effects they desire.

So as they add concepts like the Entourage Effect and THC activation to their mental arsenal, they’ll actually know what the percentages from test results mean.

Which applies not just to their regular pick-ups, but also additional products they may not have considered until they had this knowledge.

That also means less reliance on budtenders, which then frees the budtenders to help more customers at once. Which then means faster and better service so you can get more patrons out of the waiting room sooner.

All that from killing time watching Onward Content’s videos.


Your Waiting Room is an Opportunity

Time is money. So take advantage of visiting consumers waiting and display cannabis education videos in your dispensary today.

They won’t be turned off by Onward Content video marketing. It answers their questions, fills in mental blanks and can inspire more purchases than initially planned.

Reach out today for a demo. We can start a new saying with our partnership:

“An educated customer is a loyal customer.”

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