The Dispensary Waiting Room Experience

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Most dispensaries have waiting rooms where patrons are spending some time before their name gets called to make a purchase. As a retailer, you’re keen on making transactions quick and painless and don’t really want your customers waiting too long. However, the reality is that you get busy, there’s a line and then you have a waiting room full of people.

Retail Experience

This is your opportunity to really let your brand shine. Customers are spending just as much if not more time in the waiting area as they are in the bud room. What is that experience like for them? Is it a welcoming space where patrons are interacting with your brand? Are they getting prepped for the purchase? How can you use the waiting room to create a branded, enjoyable experience for your patrons? Let’s dive into a few challenges and examine cannabis customer profiles.


Understanding the Cannabis Retail Customer


The Cannabis Novice

One likely culprit to long wait times are the lookie-loos of the world. They may be cannabis novices or just indecisive about their purchase. Determining what product works for them is essentially trial and error, but it’s in everyone’s interest to ensure they have a safe, enjoyable time with your products.

Here’s a great guide for first-timers:


What’s On Sale?

What about the deal seekers? They are usually fishing for whatever promos are available and tend to exclusively shop the sale items. It’s easy to clutter the waiting room with information about your promos and deals. But do you really need another thing to keep tidy? Not to mention an additional challenge – who is going to create that content? Hint hint – it’s us.


The Loyal Ones

Then you’ve got your loyal patrons. These customers keep coming back because they value your brand and the retail experience you’ve created. They tend to know the budtenders by name and are always willing to try new products based on your staff’s recommendations. This is why budtender product training is so important. These customers tend to be well educated on the plant and products. Hence – an educated customer is a loyal customer. How are you upselling to them?

Check out some videos about introducing new cannabis experiences. How else can you incorporate cannabis into your lifestyle?


So to recap:

How are you:

  • Educating the cannabis novices?
  • Communicating the promos to the deal seekers?
  • Up-selling to the loyal patron?

Dispensary Waiting Room Experience Content

You’ve got a captive audience ready to purchase your products and it’s the best opportunity to educate, promote products and drive sales.

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