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Take a look at some cannabis video education examples, perfect for your dispensary waiting room.

Distillate, CO2, combustibles, topicals – you’ll need to learn a whole new vocabulary if you’re a novice patientor consumer. Here’s a collection of videos that break down various cannabis products and demonstrates how to safely consume them.


Lobbying "https://vimeo.com/259419389"


Vaping "https://vimeo.com/249554574"


Topicals "https://vimeo.com/236007781"

How can cannabis enhance your life? Whether incorporating it into the normal routine or trying something entirely new, our content can show how consuming cannabis responsibly can introduce patients and customers to new experiences. This is how you can use content to drive sales and up-sell products.

Regulation is a crucial factor in any cannabis business. Our video content can help reinforce information about local laws and regulatory issues in the retail space. In addition to helping customers understand laws, the content is also a constant reminder to the staff, helping the business stay compliant.

Cannabis is no doubt a powerful alternative treatment option with known benefits. Our content introduces patients to the science behind the plant in simple, approachable terms.  We’re always careful to cite studies when referring to any medical claims and take any advertising regulations into consideration when producing the content. 

It’s imperative to help patients understand how cannabis will affect them. Proper dosing, the right cannabis product and responsible consumption are important topics for any cannabis education program.

We are your educational content partner.


We have an ever-growing library of cannabis video education that is accessible through multiple digital signage providers for your dispensary waiting room. Our videos optimize the retail experience by introducing customers to key safety concepts and products before and during the point of sale. The content focuses on essential themes around cannabis: lifestyle & wellness, science, product information, safety & responsible consumption, testimonials, laws & regulations and engagement. You create unique playlists, schedule your specials and add your own content for a curated experience branded for your waiting room.


If you:

  • Want to enhance the dispensary waiting room experience with video education
  • Optimize your retail space to drive sales
  • Know that an educated customer is a loyal customer

Cannabis Video Education:

An educated customer is a loyal customer.

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